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Awareness Journey

Awareness Journey 2.0

Awareness Journey 2.0
Do you feel stuck at your job and career?
It doesn’t matter if you are starting out in the world of work or trying to excel on a job for some years, sometimes things feel like they are stuck.

You may be trying your best and you may have the desire but not a plan and you may be falling short of the excellence in performance that you would normally expect of yourself.

The major reason for this is the blind spots which we can’t see even though they are visible to public and others who work with us. People around us generally avoid giving critical feedback in the fear of hurting our sentiments which leaves us in a stalemate.

A professional coaching session backed by a powerful personality test can help you overcome these challenges by

   Letting you understand your strengths
   Making you realize how not to over use your strengths
   Work on your weaknesses
   Understanding your blind sports and
   Create a sustainable and effective development plan

About the Type Dynamic Indicator (TDI™)

Being a qualified practitioner of MBTI Step I and II, I have been using the MBTI in Pakistan, Middle East and UK for almost a decade now. One of the areas where Myers-Briggs Type Indicator lacks is that it either classifies you as e.g. as an introvert or an extrovert. It does not tell you how much of the other preference you have and effectively blindsides you.

The Type Dynamic Indicator is more robust and model tool than Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. If you are an introvert it will also tell you how extroverted you can be.

The TDI™ is part of the TYPE MAPPING system by Team Focus UK (which includes the Managing Team Roles Indicator – MTRi and Ideal Task Profile Questionaire – ITPQ), which applies Carl Jung’s model of psychological type to how people adapt to the challenges of everyday life. It focuses both on our current preferences and the image we all have of an ‘ideal self.’

This unlocks the stories we tell about ourselves to get to the core of how we have become who we are. The TDI™ is not a labeling device but a way to explore the different sides to our personality. It uses the familiar letter code shorthand (such as ESTJ, INFP, INTJ, ESFP) as the springboard for managing self ‐ awareness and addressing issues of personal growth and team performance. It covers

1-   The type of work you want
2-   How do you manage time
3-   Your results orientation
4-   How you manage change
5-   Your interaction and communication style
6-   How you are likely to be as a manager
7-   How you are likely to be as a decision-maker
8-   How you are likely to approach and resolve conflict 
9-   Your Core Strengths
10- Your development areas

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