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Career Coaching Plus

Career Coaching

Career Coaching Plus

Career Coaching Plus
Poor career counseling can lead to poor decisions and a life full of dissatisfaction.

This is the main reason why many students and working people fail to get the benefit they should out of it. The Career Counseling and Coaching process should not only involve a series of discussions but even before that it should have a scientific assessment of your interests & preferences to see what careers and subjects have people chosen who share similar traits like yours.

Whether you are a student in O levels or A Levels or confused about choosing your majors in the college or university, you can take the Career Interest Inventory to understand what you want, what is important to you and how confident you are about them. The assessment is based on John Holland’s career themes and goes much beyond the tradition tools like Strong Interest Inventory by expanding the 6 Holland career themes to 12 making it one of the most updated and reliable tool around. Each report is intuitive and graphical.

Even if you have completed your studies, this assessment can help you figure out the type of work & industry you prefer.

The report provides clickable links to a wealth of resources which assists the search into specific jobs. There is a list of various jobs and professions related to you career theme and a short video to explain it. The subjects that lead to those particular careers are also mentioned.

We have three different versions of Career Interest Inventory for different age groups.
  1. Career Interest Inventory version 1 uses cartoons and is aimed at younger people or others with minimal work experience. (Suitable for age 13-16)
  2. Career Interest Inventory version 2 uses realistic photos to obtain the same information as version 1 and it produces the same reports. (Suitable for age 16-19)
  3. CII version 3 (Career Interest Inventory -Dodec) also uses realistic photographs but provides a more comprehensive assessment of career interests and therefore produces a more extensive report. (Suitable for age 19 and above)

This test can be helpful in understanding your career preferences in the CSS in Pakistan (Civil Superior Services). Some groups require you to be more extroverted than others. If you land in a group or job that does not match your personality preferences or interests, you may consistently face dissatisfaction at job. It is one of the major reasons why people quit the Civil Superior Services (CSS) in Pakistan only after a few years.

Our assessment and coaching can help you understand your preferences in a clear and logical manner. Having worked for the Federal Public Service Commission Pakistan for their incoming batching of civil servants, I have seen a lot of disgruntled and misfit people just because they chose a career group based on peer pressure or family recommendations.

You can watch a recent webinar I conducted to learn more about this and another of our popular tools the Learning Styles Indicator and the Type Dynamic Indicator which is a modern version of tools like MBTI.

The Learning Styles Indicator (LSI) combines personality-based learning preferences with a well-respected model of learning. It brings together two of the key dimensions of Psychological Type (What energizes us: Extraversion-Introversion; How we see the world: Sensing-Intuition) with the practicality of Kolb’s experiential learning cycle.

Learners are encouraged to understand their natural preferences, the value of other learning approaches, and where flexibility is required to make them more effective. The LSI can also be used to illustrate communication style and as a way of demonstrating the effects of individual preferences in class learning, exams and at work.

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