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VideosPsychology of Consumers!

July 29, 2020by manzarbashir0

How far a company should go to win the trust of their customers? Should they reveal their weaknesses? if yes then how?

I discuss the behavior of consumers based on a very popular research study. Find out in this short video whether we can or can not!

I am Manzar Bashir and I help organizations, people and groups understand their behavior and turn them into powerful insights. I work with government agencies as well as private corporations. I am a chartered member of CIPD, a principal practitioner of Association for Business Psychology UK, MBTI Expert(Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) and qualified in tools including Hogan, Saville and Emotional Intelligence EQ. I have worked for organizations like Civil services Pakistan, State Bank Pakistan, United Stated Embassy, BeaconHouse, LUMS and others.

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