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VideosAre personality & behavior the same?

July 29, 2020by manzarbashir0

Here is my second video. Many people confuse personality with behavior and use it it interchangeably. Watch this video to see what’s the difference and if they overlap. I also answer one of the most frequently asked questions from me which is “How can we change our personality”? I hope this will clarify a lot of things.

I work with corporations, people and groups to help them understand their behavior and turn them into powerful insights. I work with government agencies as well as private corporations. I am a chartered member of CIPD, a principal practitioner of Association for Business Psychology UK, MBTI Expert(Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) and qualified in tools including Hogan, Saville and Emotional Intelligence EQ. I have worked for organizations like Civil services Pakistan, State Bank Pakistan, United Stated Embassy, Beaconhouse, LUMS and others.

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