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Latest NewsIncredible gifts of slow learners

April 17, 2017by manzarbashir0
The focus should be not on what the student is missing because they rarely are. It should definitely be on how the educational and schooling system is letting them down

From the offset let me be clear that in this article, by ‘slow learners’ I do not mean the challenged or disabled learners but those who have abilities just like a normal child yet take relatively more time to pick new concepts or prepare for exams; probably at a speed and depth lesser than their peers. Some of the challenges such learners might face can include the reasoning problems. While preparing for exams such problems tend to aggravate, resulting in below average class results.

Most of the new learning inculcated to students in the class are based on already acquired concepts as one concept builds on the previous one and so on. If a student is not able to get along from the very beginning, it is likely that he or she will not be able to cope up with the entire term of the school. After repeated failures, such students are likely to develop a habit of quitting or giving up too early (Quitting is not always bad but in this case it can be dangerous, I will discuss this in detail in another article).

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