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Latest NewsRaising an introverted child in Pakistan

March 16, 2017by manzarbashir0
Un-label your child immediately and don’t let anyone else call them shy or boring either. Your introvert child will have insights which extroverts might lack

How do I make my child play with others? Why is my child so shy? Why doesn’t she participate much in class? Why doesn’t he take part in debates or dramatics? Why can’t she be happy on her own birthday and enjoy with others? These are just some of the questions that anxious and worried extroverted parents might ask. One of the biggest misperceptions with understanding the psychology of kids is that there must be one right type of personality. Well, it cannot be more wrong. Let’s be very clear from the offset; an extrovert does not always have to be a good speaker or a debater and an introvert will not always be a good thinker.

These preferences just show how comfortable we can be with things you like or not. Most of these preferences are what we are born with. Introversion and extroversion are approaches towards personality and do not necessarily reflect the skill or ability level of an individual.You will be surprised to know that Steve Jobs, who was an excellent converser, was identified as an introvert by people close to him. Steve Wozniak who cofounded Apple along with Steve Jobs, always worked behind the scenes but was identified as an extrovert by those close to him. This just shows that we can be very good at things we are not natural at. Psychology, though pretty interesting, is not as straightforward as one might wonder. It is like an iceberg which has more concealed than what meets the eye.

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